About Cole

Cole Bartiromo made national news starting at 15 years old by appearing on ESPN’s Outside the Lines for a Tiger Woods story in which Cole sold 2 of his golf cards for $240,000.

OK it’s Cole here! I felt this personal section was necessary to try & combat SOME of the ignorant negative comments. They don’t bother me at all, you see how I embrace & share them in it’s own section, but I just thought I’d give these individuals that aren’t on my side a chance to see the human side before they go on their judgmental  tirades of what I must be, based on any given decade old news article that they seem to weigh it as if it’s the bible instead of a grain of salt.

Rob Dyrdek

Anyone that has spent 5 minutes with me have said I remind them of MTV’s Rob Dyrdek. I’m animated, very hyper once I get into something,  passionate, goofy, comical, at times eccentric, & have a big personality. I’m into random journeys, & can create excitement out of even the most boring event or random trip to a store.


I’ve gotten Matthew McConaughey comparisons over a few years now based I guess on looks wise, but most recently, even when I was sporting the long beard & hair – an official at the halfway house told me that I reminded him of Matthew. “How!? I’m completely disguised with this caveman look“! The official said the way I talk, my tone, expression – something – made him think of McConaughey!

I like picking up a guitar every once in a while (heck who knows, maybe I’ll try & record a song), jogging around the neighborhood to music, shooting hoops at the gym, homerun derby with friends, working out late at night, unwinding in the sauna, being buds with our family’s cockapoo, going to the movies, reading books – especially Anne Rice or Tom Wolfe, rooting on my Seattle Mariners who I fell in love with during the days of Griffey Jr & the Kingdom (man how his career derailed, & the ending – what a joke), watching re-runs of Seinfeld, Friends, King of Queens, Curb Your Enthusiasm, Weeds, The OC, & Prison Break & currently hooked to Gossip Girl (thanks to a sister & an old friend), Green Day has been #1 to me since the mid 90′s, & Eminem since the late 90′s, but I like a bunch of genres like quality country (Whiskey Lullaby, Unanswered Prayers, Where Were You, Remember When, Austin, I’m Already There, etc) to Kanye (Family Business is his best song) to Hey There Delilah, Hate Me, & the list is endless. That was a long sentence! :)

So there you go, that’s a few things that describe me. I’ve always been curious to see how some of the people behind these horrible opinions would interact with me if we got to talking in line at a grocery store, or if I was friends with their neighbor, etc because it just blows me away that some people can remain so critical & judgmental of someone whose matured & became a good person in the almost decade since the mistakes made as a teenager. These debts are accumulating at 15% compounded interest!!! Millions of dollars at 15%!? Does everyone understand this burden of $100,000′s being added every few weeks? As the amount increases, then it will be $100,000′s added by the week, then by the day, & eventually $905,000,000 owed to the SEC alone when I’m 65 years old – a nice retirement, huh! A bed that a teen makes, should he have to lay in it forever? Shouldn’t it depend on what he did, whether he brought permanent harm to someone(s), something(s)? I can’t imagine most of them still disrespecting me in person, so in a way, their comments being masked behind this computer screen is proving my own failings as a teen, & “out of sight, out of mind” theory. This screen is making them act one way with their thought process & judgment, but in the real world they aren’t so cruel & “holier than thou”, are they?. They couldn’t be, could they? Hmmm, sounds familiar with my whole getting caught up behind a computer screen with the “out of sight, out of mind” force at work, versus being a different person in the real world as the kind, loving, sensitive & thoughtful person people have known me as.

There’s no one who doesn’t have any skeletons in their closet, one way or another, so it’s just amazing that there is a percentage that remain adamant about persecuting a young man for misdeeds of his youth, now a decade removed, when there are no lasting affects of damage to anyone or anything now, & were none then either. The only damage lies with me, in the form of a slew of consequences, & yet it’s not enough to some – unless I’m dead it seems. To this group of people, the punishment shouldn’t fit the crime – they are the perfect ruthless dictator who wants to see blood.

Well, I know there will still be a percentage of people that will accept nothing less then my death for the mistakes I’ve caused as a teen – you can see it in most of their opinions, & some just scream exactly that, but perhaps some finding my website after reading a story about me will now look at the contents here & form less critical assessments. Either way, your entitled to your opinions & some people are just old school & unforgiving, but I don’t see how the hateful comments won’t soften just a bit after browsing my website here. Regardless, there’s more positive feedback then negative so I just have to accept I can’t please everyone, & people enjoy the contrasting “Love or Hate” section so keep them coming. ~ Cole

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